Knife Review: Condor Tool & Knife Nessmuk


Image @2014 David C. Andersen

I just finished up my review of Condor’s Nessmuk. Thanks to a friend who lent it to me for review, I was able to cut, carve, chop, split, drill, and pry through a series of tests to see whether, or not, this blade would make a good camp knife.

The results were a bit of a mixed bag. Click over to the full review on TTAK for a little history lesson, more photos, and the final results.

In Defense of Batoning


Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Batoning

Batoning, according to Wikipedia, “is the technique of cutting or splitting wood by using a baton-sized stick or mallet to repeatedly strike the spine of a sturdy knife, chisel or blade in order to drive it through wood.” 

This is a somewhat controversial subject that is typically thought of as a “survival” technique. To find out why the average camper would want to use this method for splitting wood, read my write-up over at The Truth About Knives.