Knife Review: Fiddleback Forge Bushfinger



Thanks to Fiddleback Forge owner Andy Roy, I had the chance to review his signature knife, the Bushfinger. This version is part of his new Production Series of knives and although the knife is impressive, it isn’t quite perfect. Find out why in the full review, which is now online.

Knife Review: Great Eastern Cutlery #73 Scout



The beautiful Great Eastern Cutlery knife that you see here was given to me for review by owner Derrick Bohn. It was a privilege to review it and the quality of the knife is impressive. Hands down, it is the best traditional pocket knife I have had the pleasure of using. Thank you Derrick for the knife!

The review is online now on The Truth About Knives.

Knife Review: L.T. Wright Knives Rogue River


©2015 David C. Andersen

I’ve had the pleasure of putting another fine LTWK product through the wringer lately, the Rogue River. The review is now online at TTAK.

I loved this knife. It is wonderfully versatile, a workhorse in the kitchen, and a thoroughbred at camp!

I took a ton of photos, way more than I needed. Check out a photo gallery of some shots that didn’t make it into the review after the jump. Continue reading

Knife Review: ESEE Izula-II



I have owned the tiny, mighty ESEE Izula-II for almost a year now. It made a great complement to a larger fixed blade on a camping trip to West Virginia last fall. I liked it less as an EDC proposition, but as a blade for outdoor pursuits it is superlative. My full review of the knife is now online at TTAK and I think the photos turned out especially well. Read it here.

Knife Review: L.T. Wright Knives GNS



Big review of mine went live today on the L.T. Wright GNS bushcraft knife.

Back in November I met L.T. at a local show and he agreed to send me this knife. This is the first knife sent to me by a maker for review, and I can’t thank him enough.

The GNS is a fantastic piece of kit for campers, hikers, and especially practicing bushcraft folks. Read the full review on The Truth About Knives.

Review: Allen Putman G10 Scales for Bencmhade Griptilian and Mini-Griptilian



I’ve been carrying a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian for years. I’m especially a fan of the Doug Ritter versions. They are solid knives, and Benchmade’s Axis Lock is a joy to use. Recently I got the urge to upgrade the stock plastic handles to these G10 beauties by Allen Putman Blade Scales. They are a bit pricey, but worth it, especially for the full-size knives.

My review is online now at

10 Reasons You Should Carry A Spyderco Delica



Over at TTAK, I recently asked the readers to give us their “Go-To Knife Recommendations.” They came up with a lot of good options so I would encourage you follow the link and check out their suggestions. My personal recommendation is the Spyderco Delica4 FFG. It has features that both knife enthusiasts and knife newbies can appreciate, and best of all it is affordable. Here are 10 reasons the Spyderco Delica makes a great EDC knife. Continue reading