Knife Review: Maserin 392/CG Starlight Carbon Line


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Check out my latest review on TTAK. The Maserin Starlight Carbon Line is a great formal knife for the modern man or woman. Who can resist that stylish Italian flair!


10 Reasons You Should Carry A Spyderco Delica



Over at TTAK, I recently asked the readers to give us their “Go-To Knife Recommendations.” They came up with a lot of good options so I would encourage you follow the link and check out their suggestions. My personal recommendation is the Spyderco Delica4 FFG. It has features that both knife enthusiasts and knife newbies can appreciate, and best of all it is affordable. Here are 10 reasons the Spyderco Delica makes a great EDC knife. Continue reading

Knife Review: Condor Tool & Knife Nessmuk


Image @2014 David C. Andersen

I just finished up my review of Condor’s Nessmuk. Thanks to a friend who lent it to me for review, I was able to cut, carve, chop, split, drill, and pry through a series of tests to see whether, or not, this blade would make a good camp knife.

The results were a bit of a mixed bag. Click over to the full review on TTAK for a little history lesson, more photos, and the final results.

Have You Ever Modified an Old Hickory?


Image @2014 David C. Andersen

Here is a project I recently finished, using an Old Hickory meat cleaver. I have created a trio of tools that should complement each other in a camping food prep situation. Both of the blades have convex edges. The larger blade, with an inline point and neutral balance, should do well as a general camp knife, but can also pull off some chores where one would usually reach for a chef’s knife; the long curved edge works well at rocking motions, mincing herbs or garlic, and long slicing cuts off a roast. The smaller blade makes a good paring knife/small utility knife. The third tool started out as a simple tinder/ferrocium rod scraper, and then I added a bottle opener to one side as well.

Read the full article and discussion, with more photos, over at The Truth About Knives.

Knife Review: Victorinox Compact


Victorinox-Compact-Main-ToolsI always like to try out variations of Swiss Army Knives. I picked up the Compact with the idea that it would make a good knife to travel with. While some SAKs can go overboard with the number of tools they include, this one is refined down to a limited, but very versatile, toolset. Be sure to read my full review on TTAK. Spoiler alert: the blade rocked my socks!

Knife Review: Spyderco Cat G10


Spyderco Cat G10

One of the things all knife owners must be aware of, are the local rules and regulations regarding the edged tools they own. For those friends of mine who live in Boston, or work in federal buildings, that means blade lengths not exceeding 2.5 inches. That may not seem like much, but thanks to the Spyderco Cat G10 (read my review on The Truth About Knives) I now have a go-to recommendation for those people. Through smart design and excellent ergonomics, Spyderco has made a small knife that can handle bigger chores than most small knives.

Continue reading