Have You Ever Modified an Old Hickory?


Image @2014 David C. Andersen

Here is a project I recently finished, using an Old Hickory meat cleaver. I have created a trio of tools that should complement each other in a camping food prep situation. Both of the blades have convex edges. The larger blade, with an inline point and neutral balance, should do well as a general camp knife, but can also pull off some chores where one would usually reach for a chef’s knife; the long curved edge works well at rocking motions, mincing herbs or garlic, and long slicing cuts off a roast. The smaller blade makes a good paring knife/small utility knife. The third tool started out as a simple tinder/ferrocium rod scraper, and then I added a bottle opener to one side as well.

Read the full article and discussion, with more photos, over at The Truth About Knives.

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